Whether you are dealing with criminal law or immigration, an arrest, or questions about legal residence, you need an experienced attorney who is going to work tirelessly for you. You need someone with the litigation experience to guide you through the process. Someone who has experienced criminal cases from the beginning; facing investigation or a probable cause hearing, through motions to dismiss or motions to suppress, and finally through the inevitable plea negotiation or trial. Someone who has sat through an immigration interview, listened to an officer grill a couple about their relationship or an individual about their asylum claim, and come out the other side with a green card. Most importantly you need someone who is really going to listen to you, care about your concerns, and show you the compassion and respect that you deserve.

My name is Tabitha Bolden. I have been serving my clients tirelessly and respectfully through these same issues. I have taken clients through each stage of the legal process, explaining options and decisions along the way, insuring the best resolution possible, and focusing on each client’s comfort through a potentially scary and uncomfortable situation. My goal is to ensure that each client gets treated fairly, with compassion, within a legal system that is often complex and confusing to the individuals who are caught within it. The knowledge I have gained through my years of service have enabled me to be the advocate that my clients need to move forward with their lives. Call today for a free consultation and let’s see what I can do to help you.